Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Discover the most up-to-date resources to keep you happy and healthy!

The 1st Annual Missouri State Liars' Contest

The 1st Annual Missouri State Liars' Contest

Prepare to laugh and guffaw as storytellers weave their best untrue tales on Saturday, July 11!

Events for Heroes

Events for Heroes

Check out our great hero-themed programs this summer!

Sugar Free Allstars

Sugar Free Allstars

This super duo combines elements of funk, soul, and rock n’ roll to create an original, high energy sound!


News and Views

Podcast Ponderings: Horrifying. Enlightening. Mesmerizing.

I’m not sure how best to describe the “Victimless Leather Jacket,” a piece of bio-art created by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr in 2004. It has been featured in Wired magazine and as an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, but I most recently encountered it through the podcast “Designing Life: Art Meets Synthetic Biology” from Studio360.

Shark Week

Each month, the Collection Development Department brings you books, movies, and other great items you might have missed.

It’s Shark Week! If you can’t go in the water, catch up with everyone’s favorite predator with these books about sharks.


Apps for Your Road Trip

Summer is the time for getting out of your comfort zone and hitting the open road. Some people like to unplug from their devices and keep away from the gadgets and gizmos while they take a break from the daily grind. However, if you are the kind that likes to take advantage of technology to help enhance your adventure, there can be some pretty great tools out there to help you do just that.

<p> is for Puzzle! </p>

I love puzzles. There’s something about snapping that correct piece in its proper place, or finding the right answer on the crossword or Sudoku grid, or figuring out that John lives in the green house, two doors to the left from Janet in the blue house. Physical, word, logic…doesn’t matter what type of puzzle it is, I’m up for it!

Fresh New Voices: Young Adult Fiction

Don’t miss these new and forthcoming materials, brought to you by the Collection Development Department. Place your holds now!

Are you itching to read someone new? Discover your next favorite author in this four-part series, featuring books by debut authors. Previously, we looked at new and forthcoming biographies and memoirs; now we turn our attention to young adult fiction.

50th Anniversary

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