Access Art

Access Art

Join us for a fun day of art and entertainment for all ages!

Garden Pests: Animals

Garden Pests: Animals

Learn how to defeat your garden pests!

Cool Careers Day

Cool Careers Day

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Download and Stream

Download and Stream

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National Librarian Day

Some of us may not even realize that there is a National Librarian Day.

Libraries have changed so much over the years. I remember going to the library; you had to be very quiet. The librarian was very serious all the time and stared at you with her glasses at the end of her nose! Times have changed, and it is funny that people still think libraries are that way when they first come in. When you see a new person come into the library for the first time, they look like a grade school kid in the principal’s office.

Poetry to Read, to Hear, and to Love

Each month, the Collection Development Department brings you books, movies, and other great items you might have missed.

Did you get lost reading Paradise Lost? Did Ginsberg make you howl? Maybe, you swore off poetry after counting one iamb too many. This April, learn to love poetry again for National Poetry Month. Try some of these collections to discover the joy of poetry, whether it’s on the page or spoken aloud.


Gardening with MCPL

Spring is in full bloom, and the Old Farmer’s Almanac says it’s time to get our gardens planted! If you’re new to gardening, or you’d like some helpful tips, MCPL is here to help. Besides offering great materials on gardening, outdoor landscaping, and homesteading, many of our branches are also hosting great programs provided by gardening experts to help you get started!;

2015 Winter Reading Challenge Results!

This year's Winter Reading Challenge was a great success with 1,417 people reading five books in two short months. (That's double 2014's number of 705 participants!)

The top five titles read this year were:

The Internet Is Everywhere…Except When It’s Not

April 1st was a day full of foolish fun, but this report put out by the Pew Research Center was definitely not a prank. They found only 7% of American adults, roughly 17.2 million, "own a smartphone but have neither traditional broadband service at home, nor easily available alternatives for going online other than their cell phone." That means that 17.2 million

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