Midwest Genealogy Center Building

The Midwest Genealogy Center opened in June 2008. The largest free-standing public genealogy library in the United States boasts 52,000 square feet of resources for family history researchers.

Battle for Bounty Land: Spanish, Mexican-American Wars

Land given as a "bounty" for military service had been an American tradition from the Colonial Era up to the Civil War. The Spanish-American, Mexican-American Wars, and the battle waged by the veterans for their bounty land tell the story of a nation and a military in transition.

German Research Discussion Group

The purpose of the German Research Discussion Group is to present and preserve genealogical information about the German regions, to trace German ancestors, and to better understand the lives they led. This group allows the exchange of information and keeps members abreast of issues and updates.

Beginning Genealogy

This class looks at the fundamentals of beginning a genealogical research project. Organization, census information, vital records, and where to look for information will be discussed.

Genealogy Blogs

What’s in a Surname?

Recently, while searching for the meanings of my family’s surnames, I came across some interesting information on the origin of names. I always knew some surnames were derived from occupations, like Smith, Mason, Shoemaker, Miller, Farmer, etc., but I didn’t realize so many were also derived from nicknames and geographical locations. Classifying surnames and figuring out their origins has long been an interest of historians and genealogists.

Genealogy Brick Walls - A Breakthrough!

As fellow genealogists will understand, brick walls are frustrating. You know the information you’re searching for is out there - but where?! Recently, I was able to burst through a brick wall that had been blocking research on my great-great-grandfather, Frederick Sanderson.

Spanish Research

Are you looking for Spanish ancestors? The Midwest Genealogy Center and the Mid-Continent Public Library has just what you are looking for, including books in Spanish!  

The Lone Indexer

As genealogists, we sometimes get so caught up in what we are doing that we forget who is behind the indexes, abstractions, and transcriptions in books and databases that we use to find our ancestors. They are not well-known authors or famous in any way, other than they took time out of their lives to help current and future generations find their family members. Are you interested in becoming one of these unsung heroes of the genealogy world?

Old Stompin’ Grounds

Recently, I paid a visit to Sedalia, Missouri, where my ancestors had lived for several generations. It just so happened that the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival was going on there, all the better to see this small city in all its glory!

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